• OPM Encourages Leaders to Question Progressive Discipline Model

    OPM Encourages Leaders to Question Progressive Discipline Model

    In a memo to agencies and a guidance posted last week, the Office of Personnel Management is encouraging agencies to step away from progressive penalties and tables of penalties in deciding what disciplinary action to take against employees. The guidance was issued to assist in the implementation of White House Executive Order 13839, which pushed agencies to promote greater accountability in their offices.

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20 Tips to Become a Networking Ninja

networking ninja training

Networking is a skill, not just making small talk or rattling off your name and title. It's all about building real, mutually beneficial relationships and is critical to building a successful career.

Credentialing and Certification for Federal Human Capital Practitioners


The 21st century human resources  field is light years ahead of former days when HR was predominantly limited to administrative duties.

Today’s human resources professionals still perform traditional tasks like employment screening and answering benefits questions, but they are also pivotal in high-level planning with responsibilities like consulting with top executives to chart strategic direction and shaping key policies.

Critical Conversations: Communicating Up, Down and Sideways

critical conversations in the workplace

Have you ever run into conflict with a colleague or supervisor? Or how about had difficulty working in teams? Learn how to deal with office conflict at this free online training May 13 and learn top tips to better communicate, gain confidence and overcome a defensive nature.



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