• White House Holds AI Summit

    White House Holds AI Summit

    At a summit hosted on Monday, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy gathered tech leaders from across the federal government to learn about current uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss the technology’s future. The event focused on how the federal government invests in research and development, collects and provides vast data resources, and regulates the new technology.

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Interior Secretary Says 30 Percent of Staff “Not Loyal to the Flag”

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In a speech delivered yesterday to the National Petroleum Council, a body comprised of 200 representatives of the oil and natural gas industry selected by the Department of Energy to advise on any matter pertaining to oil and natural gas, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke decried the lack of loyalty to himself and to President Trump, according to reports by the Associated Press.

This Week at Interior

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Ever wonder what folks at the Department of Interior are up to? Look no further! They’re staying busy and keeping everyone posted with weekly updates on their YouTube channel



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