Make This the Year of No Fear

Every year, we are bombarded with colloquialisms like “New Year, New Me” and “Out with the Old, In with the New.”

If we’re being honest, these sayings never really amount to much more than trendy language. The meaning behind them fails to resonate with you because the words have no personal value to you, no true relevance for your life.

As a young leader goal setting is key, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not the saying, but the intention behind it that matters. Alas, I do love a great catch phrase so, in the tradition of so many before me, I decided to coin this year, “The Year of NO FEAR.” Each year, I begin my “New Year” on my birthday in September. I take inventory of my life, reassess my past goals and set new ones.

Most importantly, I focus on a few key factors that help me refresh my perspective and re-activate my drive:

  1. Think about your life now, but not for too long: I always focus on being grateful for the point I’m at in life because I understand that no day is the same and I can never get the day back. I plan milestones, the huge moments I want to reach during that timeframe. For me milestones let me know I’m on track and help me to set specific goals.
  1. Reinvest in yourself: I always think about ways to leverage my value. In order to be a continued asset I think of areas where I’m lagging. For me, it is my presentation skills, which are subpar at best. Thinking about briefing my boss terrifies me! So, I researched classes to get the tools to help me conquer my fear and be an awesome presenter.
  1. Focus on Wellness: What is wellness to you? Wellness is extremely important because it can impact many aspects of your life. For me, wellness is balance. Maintaining balance, allocating time for me and prioritizing self-care, along with task management is huge for my mental and physical wellness.
  1. Be Mindful: My longtime mentor often recommends great reads that give the ultimate boost to my career and life goals. It could be articles or books, but create a reading list! This year I rediscovered audio books, they were a staple from my childhood that I had long forgotten.
  1. Activate: Life is a personal journey; people are constantly looking to others for fulfillment when you are already equip with everything you need, you just have to set things in motion! For me it begins in the mind, seeing myself where I want to be, knowing I have what it takes.
  1. Create your Tribe: As Mentoring Director for Young Government Leaders, I would be remised if I didn’t relay the importance of mentorship. Not everyone is meant to take this life journey with you! Take inventory of the people around you. Your tribe is a reflection of you, and you reflect what you attract. Pull closer those people who inspire you, who support you or keep you lifted. Refocus those relationships, both professional and personal, that are keeping you stagnant or complacent.

Remember, this is “The Year of NO FEAR.” I’m sure you’re thinking how this all ties into work and personal life and the answer is that’s up to you. Your “New Year” begins whenever you feel the need to start anew. Never be afraid to start again or start over. After all, life only truly begins once you start.


Kehli Cage is a federal employee and serves on the board for Young Government Leaders.







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