The Surprise December Holds for Some Managers

Would you like to get something special this Holiday Season?  What if you could get something that would last a whole year? 

What if you could get your agency to pay for half of it? And what if, for once, you bought something that actually gave you a sense of relief after the purchase – with no remorse next month?

We have just the thing for federal managers. If you never have to use it, you’ll have paid for Peace of Mind for a whole year.  If you do need it, just one time, it will be a gift you never forget and money you never regret spending.  It’s FEDS Protection – and your agency will reimburse half the cost.

Would you be surprised to learn that just as many claims are made against managers in December as in other months of the year? This is not a season of joy for everyone. Many manager’s commitment to better performance leads to conflict with some employees and the union.  If an allegation is made, the challenge is having the necessary expertise to defend yourself effectively.  You will be dealing with a process that limits your rights and access to information.  Managers are often investigated or disciplined without even having knowledge of the policy or practice under which they are accused. It is confusing and frustrating. And for most, when you are under investigation, you will feel, rightly or wrongly, that you are guilty until proven innocent. 

If you need to invoke policy benefits, you would have an attorney to:

1) advise you of your legal rights and obligations and also the parameter of the law under which you’ve been accused;

2) prepare you for the agency administration or investigation process;

3) attend the investigative interview with you;

4) defend you against allegations; and

5) defend you in any resulting disciplinary action-for just $145, after agency reimbursement.

Take care of yourself this Holiday Season and the enjoy the peace of mind having FEDS Protection brings with each decision you make the whole year through. 

Enrollment takes 5 minutes – call 866.955.FEDS or visit



FEDS provides professional liability insurance for the entire federal management community. For information on your specific exposures, how professional liability insurance protects you, or how the FEDS program differs from other insurance programs, visit us at



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