Spring has sprung… And so has an allegation.

Allegations can spring upon you at any point as a federal employee. If you were informed of an allegation being made against you tomorrow, would you be prepared? Do you know how you would be able to account for any potential financial costs or obtain legal representation? If you answered no to these questions, then investing in FEDS Protection should be a top priority for you. FEDS provides professional liability insurance you can rely on to help you with those allegations you never thought would be made against you. 

As a federal manager, you are exposed to hundreds of liabilities every day. In assigning shifts to employees, delivering performance reviews, confirming a budget, or certifying a contract, the actions you take and decisions you make to perform the responsibilities of your job can unintentionally place your career under intense scrutiny. A common misconception we see at FEDS Protection is a beleif that the DOJ will provide you with an attorney if an allegation is made against you. However, DOJ representation is only if you are named as a party in a civil suit, and even then, DOJ representation is neither mandatory nor automatic. In most situations when an allegation of wrongdoing is made against you, you will need to fend for yourself. Even if your agency assigns an attorney to you, that attorney is not your attorney; he/she is the agency’s attorney whose interests are to protect the agency.

FEDS Protection specializes in professional liability insurance for federal employees. Our attorneys excel in federal employment law and will cater to your individual situation. So, whether you need someone to review an affidavit, prepare you for an interview, or respond to a proposed disciplinary action, FEDS Protection is there to ensure your best interests are being represented.

Not sure of the potential liabilities of your job? Give FEDS Protection a call at Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm ET at 866.955.FEDS or visit our website at www.fedsprotection.com.

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