New Year, New Liabilities

As the new year begins, we reflect on the past year thinking about family, friends, work, the future.

We refocus on what we want and how we get there. What we don’t always think about is how quickly life can change – and what we need to do now to be prepared.

As a manager for your Agency, you are responsible for managing tasks and people. If an allegation is made against you, the challenge is having the necessary legal representation to defend yourself effectively.  You will be dealing with a process that limits your rights and access to information. It may be both confusing and frustrating. For most, when under investigation, you will feel rightly or wrongly, that you are guilty until proven innocent. 

Here is a sampling of claims paid by the FEDS policy for those who had the foresight to purchase FEDS protection. Not everyone who called us did – and they had to pay out of their own pocket for legal representation to defend against actions/decisions made in the course and scope of employment. 


Agency: Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives

The insured was named as the responsible management official in an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint filed by a subordinate employee alleging the insured created a hostile work environment due to allegedly engaging in discrimination based on gender, race, and parental status.

Paid to Date: $10,201


Agency: Office of Government Ethics

The insured is the subject of a Congressional investigation due to comments he made to the media while acting in the scope of his duties.

Paid to Date: $28,000


Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs

The insured is a subject of an OIG investigation.

Paid to Date: $76,062


Agency: U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

The insured received a proposed 14-day suspension because he created an office seating chart that was alleged to have been racist. The insured was cleared of misconduct.

Paid to Date: $16,000


Agency: Federal Protective Service

The insured was issued a 5-day suspension because he authorized a subordinate employee’s vehicle operation report and did not realize the report contained fraudulent information.

Paid to date: $9,300

Agency: Internal Revenue Service

The insured is the subject of an anti-deficiency act violation.

Paid to date: $101,332


If you don’t have FEDS Protection in place when an allegation is made against you, the cost for legal representation is considerable. This, added to the personal toll of charges filed along with the impact on your career can be significant. Your ability to defend yourself effectively is limited unless you have professional liability insurance that will provide you with legal representation. These are the reasons why Congress mandated federal agencies to reimburse federal managers up to half the cost of this insurance. 

Annual Cost with Payroll Deduction Available:
$1,000,000 Policy; $290 or $145 after agency reimbursement
$2,000,000 Policy; $390 or $145 after agency reimbursement

Compare us to others!  FEDS does not charge an extra $100 to cover EPLI type claims – and is endorsed by the leading federal executive and manager associations.

Enrollment takes less than 5 minutes:
            ·  Enroll on-line anytime at
            ·  Call us Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm ET at 866.955.FEDS



FEDS provides professional liability insurance for the entire federal management community. For information on your specific exposures, how professional liability insurance protects you, or how the FEDS program differs from other insurance programs, visit us at




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