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This week on FEDtalk, we are excited to host two prominent figures in the world of podcasting, both of whom have started new projects focusing on the U.S. Constitution.

Jad Abumrad is a MacArthur Fellow best known as the founder and co-host of “RadioLab.” He has subsequently spun-off into a new project, “More Perfect,” each episode of which focuses on the stories behind, and the ramifications of, a different U.S. Supreme Court decision.

We will also be joined by Lillian Cunningham, an editor and podcast host at The Washington Post. Her inaugural podcast, “Presidential,” comprised 44 episodes leading up to Election Day 2016, with each episode focusing on the character and legacy of a different American President. She has since launched a follow-up project, “Constitutional,” to explore the personalities and stories behind the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Ben Carnes and Julie Perkins from Shaw Bransford & Roth will host this show, airing Friday, September 22 at 11:00 a.m. ET on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in the Washington, DC area, and streaming online via the Federal News Radio player.


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