Federal Managers – Doing More with Less

The Federal Managers Association (FMA) invites all federal supervisors, managers and executives to attend its management training seminar, Federal Managers – Doing More with Less, Tuesday, March 13, 2012, in Arlington, Virginia. This seminar was created to assist federal managers in dealing with the unique challenges this era of budget tightening presents, and to make their offices and agencies as efficient and productive as possible. Attendees can expect to gain immediate, practical solutions to be taken back to the office and put to use right away. Additionally, FMA is proud to announce that John Berry, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, will offer the morning Keynote Address sharing what OPM is doing to assist agencies and employees through these challenging times.

The seminar, conducted in conjunction with FMA’s 74th annual National Convention, will bring together managers from across agencies and the country. While each agency and office confronts unique challenges, all federal managers are currently being asked to accomplish more work with fewer resources, all under the threat of further budget and staffing cuts, with no reduction to their congressionally-mandated missions.

The presenters, from both inside and outside of federal government, will address a variety of topics that will allow each attendee to leave the seminar with several new approaches to improving their workplace. Seminar attendees can look forward to the following topics and presenters:

  • Seven Quick Fixes for Enhancing Performance – Expertly Leading, Your Team with Limited Resources Casey Wilson, Management Concepts
  • Improving Employee Productivity and Well-Being through Healthier Workplace Relationships Jason Milton, Gallup
  • Investing in the Future – Finding Opportunities through Challenges Anthony Gagliardo, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow while Maximizing Productivity Today Tyler Robinson and Dave Uejio, Young Government Leaders
  • How to Decisively Address Conduct-Related Issues – Using Progressive Discipline when Talking is No Longer Enough Doris Brown and Sandra Edmonds, Avue Technologies
  • Making Your Organization a Great Place to Work – Keeping Up Morale Mark Leheney, Kathryn Mooney, Casey Wilson and Catherine Zaranis, Management Concepts

The seminar speakers tailored their presentations specifically to federal managers by identifying changes they can incorporate into their day-to-day approaches that do not require bigger budgets. Tips will also be offered to help reduce employee stress (including yours), while still holding each employee accountable – working toward a healthier office where every worker knows they are essential to the agency mission.

Celebrating its 99th year, the Federal Managers Association is proud of its long tradition of Advocating Excellence in Public Service. Non-members who attend the seminar will be offered one-year of membership in the Federal Managers Association. Please join us for this outstanding day of management training! For more details, visit: www.fedmanagers.org.

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