Well-Known Moderate Dent Latest Republican to Announce Early Resignation

Congressman Charlie Dent, a Republican from Pennsylvania well-known in D.C. for being a reliably moderate voice within Congressional Republican ranks, announced today that he would be resigning in “coming weeks,” following an earlier announcement that he would retire at the end of his term.

CNN says Dent came to the decision to speed up his exit date “after discussions with his family and ‘careful reflection.’”

Dent tweeted a statement reflecting on his decision and said, "I am especially proud of the work I have done to give voice to the sensible center in our country that is often overlooked or ignored. It is my intention to aggressively advocate for responsible governance and pragmatic solutions in the coming years."

Dent is only the latest in a remarkable series of retirement announcements this cycle by House Republicans. So far, 43 House Republicans have announced they will retire, seek another office, or simply resign.

This is especially relevant to Republicans in a cycle in which Democrats would need to pick up only 24 seats in order to retake the majority in the House of Representatives.


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