Trump Signs NDAA Including Acquisitions, Pay Raise for Military

On Monday, President Trump signed the latest National Defense Authorization Act into law, a $717 billion defense legislation package that will provide $639 billion in base funding for the Department of Defense, set aside another $69 billion for a fund called “Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), and provide $21.9 billion for the Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons programs.

Included in the bill is a 2.6 percent pay raise for military personnel (the largest in almost a decade) and a lengthy list of acquisitions, including 77 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, three new combat ships instead of the Navy’s requested one, and ten additional new warships, as well as significant funding toward a new long-range stealth bomber, Missile Defense Funding, and more.

The legislation also looks to increase military manpower, “adding 15,600 troops across the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps,” according to The Hill.

Politico notes the NDAA signing is “the earliest a president will have signed the annual policy bill into law in more than four decades.”

The Hill also highlights one contentious provision from Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a “request for an ability to waive sanctions on partner countries that have bought Russian arms in the past but want to now buy U.S. weapons,” which made it into the final bill.

“Mattis argued the provision was necessary to more closely align India, Vietnam and Indonesia with the United States, but some Democrats expressed concern the provision would loosen sanctions on Russia.”

“With the NDAA signed into law, Congress now turns its attention to passing a defense spending bill to make the dollar amounts authorized by the NDAA a reality,” writes Rebecca Kheel. “The House passed a Pentagon spending bill in June, while the Senate is expected to start considering its version as soon as this week.”

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