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Tea Party Chairman to Again Push for IRS Commissioner Impeachment After Recess

As recess winds down and Congress prepares to return to Washington, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and other members are pushing once again for the House to take up an effort to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

"John Koskinen needs to go, and we are committed to that," said Jordan in an interview with USA TODAY.

"We are committed to holding John Koskinen and the IRS accountable for what took place there. So, we can do that in a formal way, which is through hearings … and vote it out of the Judiciary Committee and move that direction, or we can look at going to the floor," Jordan said.

While House Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte (R-VA) has declined comment on whether or not further action will be taken up or if there will be another impeachment resolution, Koskinen responded.

"I have no intention of being hounded out of office," he said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.  "My concern is that no appointed official has been impeached for 140 years. So if we are, suddenly, on relatively poorly supported facts, going to start attacking senior officials, people in the private sector will have second thoughts about public service.”

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