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Senate NDAA Provision Would Narrow Veterans’ Preference

The Senate’s Defense authorization bill for fiscal 2017 currently includes a provision that would narrow veterans’ preference in hiring efforts so that it would only apply to a veteran’s first job in federal service. The new provision would not factor in veteran status for any subsequent federal jobs an eligible employee applies for.

This would also affect relatives of veterans, such as spouses and parents, who are eligible under certain circumstances when applying for federal positions.

An additional provision in the bill would repeal the Defense secretary’s authority to waive the 180-day restriction on military retirees leaving the service and taking a civilian job in the department, based on “a state of national emergency.”

“The committee appreciates the unique and broad experience military retirees bring to the civil service, but the committee also recognizes the virtues afforded by career civil servants,” the Senate report said. “Most military retirees and other veterans already receive hiring preferences in recognition of their service. Beyond that, the committee believes veterans and retirees should compete on equal footing with other qualified applicants.”

If enacted, this new provision regarding veterans’ preference would apply governmentwide. On the House side, their fiscal 2017 Defense authorization bill does not contain a similar measure. It passed through the House last month.

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