Right-Leaning Americans for Prosperity Runs Ads in Support of Four Democratic Senators

Roll Call’s Simone Pathe highlighted an “unusual move” by the right-leaning organization Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which late last week launched a series of digital ads in support of Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, who faces a re-election challenge from Republican state representative Kevin Cramer.

Also notable is the fact that North Dakota favored Donald Trump in the presidential election by 36 points, and the election is currently listed as a “Tossup,” according to Inside Elections, meaning the ad campaign may well have an impact on the election’s outcome.

Pathe notes that AFP’s support for Heitkamp is likely to fuel “mounting concerns from Republicans that her relationship with the Trump White House could hurt Cramer.”

“While we don’t agree with Sen. Heitkamp on everything, particularly her vote against tax relief, we commend her for taking a stand against the leaders of her party to do the right thing,” AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement.

“We hope to find common ground and work with Sen. Heitkamp on other issues moving forward including making tax relief permanent,” Phillips added.

Roll Call notes that Heitkamp is also “the only Democrat the White House invited to the bill signing ceremony after the bank deregulation bill passed last month.”

In addition to supporting Heitkamp and a number of Republican Senators (Mike Crapo, Cory Gardner, Dean Heller, and Ben Sasse), AFP’s ad campaign also highlights the efforts of Democratic Senators Mark Warner, Doug Jones, and Michael Bennett.

AFP has traditionally supported Republican candidates almost exclusively. Pathe notes that, through the “six-figure ad campaign,” which launched this past weekend, the organization “is trying to hold both Republicans and Democratic House members accountable for voting for the omnibus spending bill in March.”

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