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OPM Pushes for Death Benefits Increase

With Congress back for a brief period, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is pushing a legislative proposal to increase the current death gratuity rate for civilian workers killed on the job in addition to the funeral allowance allotted.

The proposal, which was sent to both the House and Senate last week, would boost death benefits from $10,000 to $100,000, and funeral allowance from $800 to $8,800. It would also ensure that both benefits automatically increase along with the Consumer Price Index.

“Currently, significant disparities and inequities exist across the federal government with respect to the administration of death gratuities,” said an OPM statement.

The $10,000 death benefit has been set since 1997, while the $800 funeral allowance dates back to 1966.

“Our commitment to caring for our federal employees and their families in the toughest of times is unwavering,” said OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert in a statement. “This legislation is necessary to ensure that families of civil servants killed while serving the people of the United States do not take on an unnecessary financial burden.”

The proposal covers federal employees killed while on duty as a result of a terrorist attack, crime, exposure to extreme risk while doing their jobs, or in retaliation for performing their duties.

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