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New White House Report Warns of Sequestration

In a new report released by the White House, the administration cautioned that the House of Representatives’ version of the government’s discretionary budget for fiscal year 2017 could prompt the return of sequestration.

The report states, “If the 2017 discretionary caps remain unchanged, this report estimates that, if enacted, the actions by the House of Representatives would result in a sequestration of $17 million in the defense category and a sequestration of $775 million in the non-defense category.”

Meanwhile, the Senate version would come in around $2.2 million below the sequestration caps, and for the last three years, sequestration has not forced agencies to undergo any budget cuts.

When Congress returns from recess on Sept. 6th, they will have 17 days in session to pass all spending bills or a continuing resolution (CR) in order to keep the government open into new fiscal year. Prior to leaving for conventions in July, the House passed six of the necessary spending bills, including the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs bill. However, the Senate has only approved three bills: Defense Department, a combined Transportation-HUD bill and the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs appropriations bill.

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