House Republicans Considering Rare Tactic to Roll Back Appropriations

According to Roll Call, House Republicans may employ “lesser-used provisions of the 1974 budget law to roll back spending by impounding some of the appropriated funds” contained within the 2018 omnibus spending bill.

Republicans are said to be “frustrated they had to work with Democrats” to pass the measure and are considering ways they might go about undoing some of the spending.

The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 reportedly “provides an expedited process for the president to propose and Congress to review a rescission resolution identifying appropriations that the administration does not want to spend,” which would require that the president “submit a message to Congress specifying the amount of funds the administration wants to rescind and from which accounts and programs, along with estimated fiscal and program effects and the reasons for the rescission, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

Following this process, the House would have 45 legislative days to approve all, part, or none of the request, after which the Senate  could pass the measure with a simple majority.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is said to be among those considering the idea “as a way to curb domestic spending in the omninus.”

Given the already tenuous negotiations required to pass the omnibus spending bill, a Congressional attempt to use such a tactic is likely to complicate the budget picture for agencies, including developing negotiations regarding next year’s budget numbers.



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