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House Oversight Chair Continues Crusade Against IRS Commissioner

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Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is demanding to know where the IRS has found money to hire up to 700 new staffers for enforcement.

“It was only weeks ago that they were saying they did not have the money [to hire more employees] and today they do have the money?” Chaffetz said.

Commissioner John Koskinen has said those extra resources found are the result of high attrition rates and worker efficiency, but Chaffetz remains skeptical.

“The inescapable conclusion is that your testimony to Congress was inaccurate, reflecting either an attempt to exaggerate IRS’s budget needs or a management failure in understanding the needs of your organization,” said Chaffetz.

Over the last five years, Congress has cut billions from the IRS’s budget. House Republicans previously probed the agency regarding their treatment of conservative groups and, since last October, Chaffetz has vocally expressed his desire to see Koskinen impeached.

In a response obtained by the Washington Post, Koskinen told Chaffetz that he will provide him with the justification for the hires, but that the congressman seems to have a “misunderstanding about this initiative.”

Koskinen also noted that, even with these additional hires, the IRS will still have “at least 2,000 fewer employees” at the end of the year and about 5,000 fewer enforcement staff than the agency had five years ago before the budget cuts.

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