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Congressman Introduces At-Will Legislation for Feds

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) is the most recent member of Congress to introduce legislation in search of accountability for wayward government employees. The Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act would make all federal employees at-will, eliminating the due process protections currently afforded to them.

Only new employees hired one year after its enactment would be classified as at-will, giving agency heads the authority to terminate these workers “without notice or right to appeal.” Under certain circumstances, an employee who has been fired would retain the right to appeal, but could only to one agency.

“Americans are tired of seeing federal employees from the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, General Services Administration, and many other agencies maintain employment, at the taxpayers’ expense, after engaging in misconduct, receiving consistent poor performance reviews, and abusing the appeals process,” Rokita said. “Even more, taxpayers should not have to pay for employees who don’t answer letters, return phone calls, or solve problems that often times are created by the bureaucrats themselves.”

The bill would also allow agencies to immediately suspend employees for misconduct or poor performance, and would prohibit any workers who did not receive a four or five out of five or “equivalent rating” on their most recent performance review from receiving a pay raise. This would apply broadly to employees, not simply new hires.

Also included in the bill are provisions to prevent federal employees found guilty of a work-related felony from collecting a retirement pension and enabling agency heads to cut Senior Executive Service pay by downgrading them to a General Schedule position. 

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