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Responding to Future Cyber Attacks with Incident Response

Protect your agency from cyber criminals. Tune in live to this digital event to learn how to craft a thorough incident response plan in the event of a breach.

The government sees hundreds of thousands of attempted cyber breaches every year, and as recent headlines read, sometimes hackers get through. Even as agencies amp up their cybersecurity measures, they must be ready to respond when breaches occur.

An incident response plan can be the difference between catastrophic damage from compromised or stolen data and a hacker simply getting in the front door without fruitful results. Incident response plans aren’t just technical responses, either. They need to include avenues for communicating and sharing threat information with other parties.

Tune in live to this digital event to learn:


  • What thorough incident response plans should include in the event of a breach
  • About lessons from past government breaches, including how best to share threat information
  • Appropriate measures of response to various stakeholders 


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