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Identifying Training & Development Opportunities...One Day at a Time

Although most federal employees and organizations agree on the need for and necessity of leadership development, it can be difficult for employees to find time away from the office or for agencies to provide the budget for on-going training. One option for federal employees to consider is shorter, just in time, training opportunities.

One-day sessions, speaker series, networking and similar professional development opportunities do exist - they are often delivered by outside of government entities such as federal employee professional associations, non-profits, universities or even government entities such as the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) or Treasury Executive Institute (TEI). The trick is finding out about them. Many of these organizations have mailing lists - an ideal way for federal employees to stay aware of current training and development opportunities.

Short training opportunities provide several beneficial outcomes for attendees - fresh perspective on leadership skills, tools that can be applied immediately, and networking connections across government. Shorter trainings are also ideal for a group of employees from an office to attend together - and scheduling a few hours or a day away from the office for the team is likely easier to manage.

In addition, shorter training and development opportunities give leaders a chance to not only continue their own development, but to illustrate the importance to their staff about taking time to build new skills, consider new ideas, and make time for growth opportunities. As you know, leadership development doesn't stop as you go through your career journey. It's a constant process and necessary to ensuring leadership success. 

For an upcoming leadership development opportunity, join the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA) at its 2019 Executive Forum:  THE 2020 EXECUTIVE LEADER: INNOVATE, INTEGRATE AND MOTIVATE WITH PURPOSE AND INTEGRITY.  The Forum is May 21st, from 7:30am-4:00pm at The George Washington University's Marvin Center Ballroom. Visit FEIAA's Executive Forum page to register and learn more.

About FEIAA: The Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association is the exclusive network of graduates of FEI executive training programs. We offer our 500+ members the opportunity to continue the FEI experience in the months and years after graduation — the professional training, personal development, individual connections, social opportunities, and more.

To hear more from FEIAA on leadership development and training also listen to last week’s FEDtalk on the Federal News Network.

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