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5 Reasons the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Competencies Are so Important

1. The 28 competencies represent what is most important to the Office of Personnel management (OPM).

2. The members of the Qualification Review Board (QRB) look specifically for evidence of the various competencies in your essays.

3. The competencies provide a great decision-making tool for matching your unique career stories with specific ECQs.

4. Even after selecting potential topics, it can be difficult to drill down and provide specific stories in each of the ECQ categories. However, you can (and should) use the competencies in each ECQ as the “lens” through which you tell your stories.

5. If a college professor gave you “extra credit” for addressing specific points in an essay, your overall score might drop if you did not take the extra credit opportunity. Think of OPM as the professor, and the competencies as your best chance of improving your overall “grade.” 


Lee Kelley is an Iraq war veteran, former Army Captain, and author who now serves as the senior writer on CareerPro Global’s writing team. Leveraging the company’s vast expertise in assisting thousands of SES and federal job seekers, Lee has personally developed hundreds of resumes and more than a thousand ECQs.

He is also the Director of Training and Veteran Transitions, and has provided USAJOBS resume-writing workshops to hundreds of federal employees and military personnel. In addition, Lee co-authored the book, "Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service: How to Find SES Jobs, Determine Your Qualifications, and Develop Your SES Application." His latest book is titled, "Inside Marine One: Four U.S. Presidents, One Proud Marine, and the World’s Most Amazing Helicopter."

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