5 benefits of online training

5 Key Benefits of Online Training

Over the past several decades, as cutting-edge technology and automation have proliferated across the planet, more and more organizations have embraced the many benefits of using web-based training. Now in 2015, the federal government seems to be moving in that direction, as well.

Not unlike the relationship between books and eReader technology, there will certainly always be a place for “live” training, conferences, and other such forums. However, with the ease of creating training videos, and the various platforms available to deliver those videos and other associated content, federal managers are beginning to realize these and other benefits associated with web-based training.

1. More cost effective. Companies that develop online training for the federal government can offer much lower prices, since they do not have to travel and physically bring all their resources to a specific location. Instead, they can focus their energy on creating the most valuable content.

2. More convenient. Likewise, federal managers can spend less time (and money) coordinating travel, logistics, and classroom space. What would be easier—scheduling a series of computer labs over the course of six months to train the workforce of one division, or simply giving employees a 90-day window and several hours per week of dedicated “professional development” time to complete the training online?

3. Student-centric. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. Many students would prefer to go at their own pace and ask questions when they come up, rather than trying to learn everything in a group environment and during a limited time period. Since online training is focused on the student’s experience, there is a strong possibility that students will retain more information.  

4. Fits the modern workplace. Telework is becoming increasingly common in the federal community, and online training fits this model perfectly. Managers can set the training parameters and timeline, and then direct employees to complete their training from home during approved telework time periods.

5. Easy to tailor for specific agency needs. With increasingly user-friendly content development programs, training organizations can tailor the courses to meet agency needs, such as adding on “live” options to include kick-off seminars, webinars, and coaching calls. Using this potent combination, online training developers can often match or even improve upon the overall quality of in-person training.   

There are many online courses available today that federal managers can use to train their personnel. For example, click here for a brief demo of a new online course for writing Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). While writing ECQs is fairly complex, with modern technology, it can be packaged into an empowering step-by-step online training experience.


Lee Kelley is an Iraq war veteran, former Army Captain, and author who now serves as the senior writer on CareerPro Global’s writing team. Leveraging the company’s vast expertise in assisting thousands of SES and federal job seekers, Lee has personally developed hundreds of resumes and more than a thousand ECQs.

He is also the Director of Training and Veteran Transitions, and has provided USAJOBS resume-writing workshops to hundreds of federal employees and military personnel. In addition, Lee co-authored the book, "Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service: How to Find SES Jobs, Determine Your Qualifications, and Develop Your SES Application." His latest book is titled, "Inside Marine One: Four U.S. Presidents, One Proud Marine, and the World’s Most Amazing Helicopter."

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