What's New with USAJOBS 3.0 Builder, Profile and Advanced Search?

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On October 12, a new edition of USAJOBS was posted. While the newest edition is an improvement, there are still some problems being worked out. In the meantime, this article reports on important new features of the Resume Builder, Profile forms and information about customization of your searches. Below are some of the new improvements, features and my recommendations for navigating and using USAJOBS 3.0 to manage your federal career.

No more Social Security Number in USAJOBS. Do not write your Social Security number on any document in USAJOBS. Review your attached and uploaded documents to find and remove your SSN from these documents.

Manage your USAJOBS resume account with your email address. The previous USAJOBS accounts were managed by Social Security number but now are linked to your email ID. Be very careful if you change your email address.

Complete the profile considering that it could be searched for information. Go through the five pages of the Profile and answer the questions to update your information. HR ability to search for Qualified Candidates is coming for USAJOBS 3.0, so customize your resumes to improve searchability, instead of posting one resume for all applications.

Set your preferences. Your preference information could be used to narrow a search for positions. Be sure to check off all categories that interest you, including: internships, permanent, temporary or term positions.

Write your Current Goal in 500 characters. Use this field to write out your goal for this resume. You could write the title of the position, grade, agency, city, state and/or a statement about why you are interested in the position. The Current Goal statement can be helpful if the HR specialist searches for certain candidates, because they will read your goal based on their search objectives.

USAJOBS 3.0 Resume Builder still provides space for five resumes and one uploaded resume. Only one resume can be searchable at any time.

Resume upload will now be searchable. You can upload a Word document, and it can be searched by recruiters. There is still the warning that uploaded resumes may not transfer to some of the questionnaire systems. We recommend that you use the Resume Builder whenever possible.

Name your resumes carefully. Make your resumes searchable so that they are ready to be viewed by HR recruiters. Each of your 5 resumes could be targeted toward different occupational series, agencies, and grades. Name your resumes carefully, for example: Program Analyst, GS 0343, 12, Lexington, KY

Advanced Search Test Results. The Advanced search is currently the biggest problem with the new USAJOBS 3.0. The USAJOBS team combined the Browse Jobs page with the Advanced Search, and now it seems that there are just too many choice and fields, which can result in few positions being found. I did a test for an Information Technology Specialist position using the top portion of the Advanced page. I searched for the job title using keywords, then Title, then Occupational Series. The best search came from the keyword search of Information Technology Specialist. The second best search was the keyword term: IT Specialist.

Summary: The USAJOBS 3.0 Builder, Profile and Customization rework is improved. The Advanced Search is still a work in progress and you will have to be a tester for yourself to find the best selection of positions. I discovered that the keyword search is better than the Title or Occupation Series search. If you have problems with returning to your fields and finding them missing, for now, just put the content back in the fields. The Back does not work for the Geographic Location and Agency Fields. To re-populate those fields you will have to click on the item above your desired location and agency.

Because agencies are posting positions on USAJOBS now, I hope this article will help you navigate the new USAJOBS 3.0 Builder, Profile and Advanced Search and lead you to career success.

Kathryn Troutman is the founder and president of The Resume Place, Inc. Kathryn teaches webinars on USAJOBS 3.0 and federal resume writing. For the past 30 years, Troutman has managed her professional writing and consulting practice, publishing and federal career training business, and with her team of 20 Certified Federal Resume Writers, The Resume Place advises and writes more than 300 federal resumes per month for military, private industry and federal clients world-wide. She is also the author of several critically acclaimed books, including Ten Steps to a Federal Job, Writing Your NSPS Self Assessment and Federal Resume Guidebook.

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