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GAO's Report on Federal Employee Performance

This week on FEDtalk, tune in to hear more about GAO’s recent report on the probationary period and dealing with poor performing employees. Robert Goldenkoff, Director of Strategic Issues at GAO, kicks off the show with an overview of the report and its top findings.

Then, stay tuned to hear Jeff Neal, Sr. VP of ICFI and Henry Romero, Sr. Advisor of FMP, Inc. discuss the wider implications of the report with host Jenny Mattingley, Director of Government Affairs at Shaw Bransford & Roth, P.C.

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young government leaders interview

An Interview with a Supervisory Environmental Scientist in the EPA's Superfund Division

cecilia moore profile photo

Cecilia Moore is a Supervisory Environmental Scientist in the Superfund Division of the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago, IL and an aspiring Senior Executive Service (SES) candidate in the federal government.

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Legalization of Marijuana has no Bearing on Federal Prohibition for Employees

With the ushering in of a new law legalizing the possession of marijuana in the District of Columbia, there is bound to be some amount of confusion among the roughly 500,000 federal employees who live in the area surrounding the nation’s capital.

However, there is an unequivocal answer to any questions federal employees may have about using marijuana in states or localities where it is legal: it is strictly prohibited for members of the federal workforce.

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