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Human Capital in the Public and Private Sectors

Tune into FEDtalk this week for a discussion on human capital from experts in both the government and the private sector.

Host Jason Briefel of Shaw Bransford & Roth, P.C., will be joined by Mika Cross, the Government Chair for ACT-IAC’s Human Capital Shared Interest Group, Jeffrey Neal, Senior Vice President for ICF International, and Bill Fischer, Industry Chair for ACT-IAC’s Human capital SIG to discuss what they are currently working on and how the public and private sectors are collaborating.

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An Interview with a Supervisory Environmental Scientist in the EPA's Superfund Division

cecilia moore profile photo

Cecilia Moore is a Supervisory Environmental Scientist in the Superfund Division of the Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago, IL and an aspiring Senior Executive Service (SES) candidate in the federal government.

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Survey Shows Federal Managers Embracing Technology

A recent survey of senior federal employees has revealed that federal managers largely approve of the use of digital technology and wish their agencies would increase such usage, while simultaneously fretting that the federal government is not adapting to today’s technology as quickly as the private sector. The survey, released in January, was conducted by the National Academy of Public Administration and Virginia technology consulting firm ICF International and surveyed approximately 10,000 federal employees, most of whom were at the GS-13 level and up. A sizable majority of the managers who responded answered that devices and software such as smartphones, tablets, apps, online services, and video-conferencing have both improved their productivity and helped them to serve more Americans.

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